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Ramicos featured in Dailyhunt

In the world of pretends and dualism, something that brings you authenticity, confidence and belief of soul is what we call beauty. Here, Dr. Ramya is bringing a passion, initiative and revolution as her brand RAMICOS , a complete solution to your and mine skin oriented issues, in sense of skin care like moisture balance ,proper nourishment , pH balance and beauty enhancement for better confidence .

Whatever we say and think, but at the same time we can not deny the fact , that the confidence is associated with our personality and groomed skin . One who has better looks is often found to be more confident and productive in any sector , where as people with average or below average looks are often subjected to comments and ill treatment by the society .

 “ The beauty that lies in your body is fleeting,
but the beauty of soul with confidence is millennials”

So here Dr. N Ramya bringing some promising offerings so that everyone who have been searching , for something better and best for skin may bookmark the products of RAMICOS for their use .

RAMICOS presents some fantabulous products like :- illuminating eye shadow liquids, anti-aging night creams, nourishing face serum, liquid lip colours, with contents like vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, extract of orange peel, lemon peel, rose marry oil, Retinol, rice water and hydration boosting content. It will not only provide you with better results, but also with special ingredients, the formula penetrates your skin for healing as well.

The company is not only women oriented company, but is also for men and everyone. In India’s booming beauty markets of chemical and harmful content based cosmetics, RAMICOS is the way to heal organically, Because The product is based on the inventive idea of using special ingredients like coriander seed oil and vitamin E that fight skin issues.

In one recent coverage of the CEO of RAMICOS, no one other but DR. N Ramya, she has mentioned, that she never wants to enhance the one way empowerment or upliftment of a lady, but she supports the multi dimensional growth of women. Her company not only enhancing the glow and care of different types of skin, but also providing the employment to considerable sector of society. DR. Ramya herself suffered alot in her teenage with adverse compliments on skin tone and pimples on her face. But now she with her initiatives believes, that development of well groomed personality does not comes manually, but amalgamation of beauty & confidence is required.

With RAMICOS, she is being very specific about what to use in making of it’s products , she is focusing on making her products vegan that shows her animal love and also her responsibility that she carries all the way with her.

She is working on the ideology of providing her customers with quality products. As a doctor she is emphasizing on vegan products because many of her customers could have allergy against some animal related things, or using animal obtained things might hurt their religious sentiments !, Well science is far far away from emotions until it’s not practically prove, so going with the first point would be more logical.

RAMICOS is such a revolutionary thing in the modern days cosmetic brand that people will be fond of its products for sure.

Dr. N Ramya always says that she sees great opportunity for women in her startup, making them financially stable and strong is her secondary target that she is bringing along by making her brand a hub of women workers! .

For the time all her products are available for both men and women, as I have already mentioned that all the products are vegan and free from hazardous chemical so they could be used by any section of the society.

Taking about its quality the first question that pops up in our minds that, what probably going to be the cost of her products ? 

For all those who are seeking answer to this question, so RAMICOS is keeping it’s prices very normal which is easily affordable for every single person who needs it .

For her RAMICOS is not just a startup but it’s an emotion, it’s a dream, it’s her passion, it’s something that she always wanted to do, it’s something that makes her happy, and yes that’s why she is fully dedicated to her work and where there is dedication, success comes along.

At RAMICOS she is working as founder, manager, CEO and all of this isn’t just for filling the ranks but she is dedicating her all 24/7, somehow she is managing her time, as she is already a surgeon and currently working as chief consultant at Nirmala clinic Vishakapatnam.
Her journey so far with RAMICOS is so inspiring and motivating, in an interview she has said that looking beautiful should be the right of everyone, yes it’s true that someone is born beautiful and some are not, but that doesn’t mean that they should compromise with their looks, by her point of view compromising is never an option and she herself is a burning example of this.

She has always been subjected to embarrassing comments just because of some scars on her face, yes it’s true that even the moon which is epitome of beauty isn’t free of scars !!
She never compromised on these things, she proved herself with studies and becoming a successful surgeon is a medal to that ! 

She is a beauty with brain, and now with RAMICOS she is trying to bring the same concept to everyone who is seeking for suppliments for their beauty enhancement.

At RAMICOS every minutes are taken care of, the products are well designed for the use of teenagers to a pregnent lady without any side effects, which is very rare and this is not just for saying but it’s the ultimate fact about the RAMICOS products.

RAMICOS COSMETIC BRAND is certainly on of the best products in cosmetic industries, it is offering such a wide range of products targeting facial beauty to different body parts like underarms , stretch marks etc.
Knowing all these facts how one could resist themself from buying a complete solution for looking really appealing .

There’s nothing embarrassing about openly buying products that your body requires in any manner, yes it’s also the fact that you should not try to look good for others but you should always try to look great for yourself, once you adopt this attitude you are going to become the most beautiful person in the world in your eyes. 

As it’s a great saying that perfection is another name of satisfaction , once you start feeling great about yourself, you are unstoppable like Dr. N Ramya.

RAMICOS is also empowering number of womens by making them financially stable, yes money can’t buy happiness but its better to cry in Mercedes than on a bicycle, and we can not deny the fact that money makes almost everything possible to us, atleast it fulfills all the basic needs of a human being.

Making womens financially stable will help them multy dimensionally, they will enjoy equal rights, place, position and respect in the society and they wouldn’t be treated as second ranked creatures in the society.

At a glance this effort by Dr. N Ramya may seems to be a drop in the ocean but we should never forget that every fire needs a spark.

Her work is commendable, appreciable, and RAMICOS is indeed a revolutionary thing that we all should be a part of without any further thought.

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